Whether adding an extension or starting a new building from scratch, what makes your building project a success

is ensuring that every individual phase – from designing, completing the planning application, planning, inviting

to tender and awarding the contract, right through to executing and monitoring the project – is carried out, linked, communicated and managed carefully. Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, we

can often be called upon to provide exceptional solutions that more than live up to our clients’ expectations.


By carefully making allowances for unforeseen circumstances and making the most of the wide range of materials and construction technologies on offer, we are ideally placed to handle your building project with an open, unobstructed and all-encompassing approach. We also work closely with you to develop decision-making criteria based on value for money, the appropriateness of the building organisation, time management and the logistical challenges involved in your project.




    Affordable living space – your challenge is our mission

    From housing association properties to sophisticated, upmarket, freehold apartments: we develop residential build-ings that are sure to help you generate maximum returns. The driving forces behind our contemporary, avant-garde architecture are quality and the ability to keep to deadlines and budgets.


    Whether it’s making the most of vacant spaces, being open-minded and interested in global trends for living environ-ments, or taking full advantage of funding programmes offered by Germany’s KfW banking group: ifb GmbH has the professional advisers you need when it comes to your residential project.


    Your future needs space as individual as you are.

    Freedom, realisation and fulfilment: our architects are always open to your requests and ideas so that you have the ideal framework in place to develop your property exactly as you want it. To this end, we put ourselves in your favourite setting and create buildings that are perfectly in tune with your own individual lifestyle whilst still being versatile enough to adapt to the next generation.


    We are extremely committed to quality, have a real feel for adding distinct accents to our designs, love coming up with the perfect highlights in the facilities and have a proven background in handling raw materials responsibly. In fact, as a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB e.V.), we are obliged not only to use sustain-able building materials, but also to keep energy consumption to a minimum.


    Let’s work together to establish the perfect quality of life: give your future a home.


    ifb GmbH: Hamburg’s first port of call for top-class interiors

    Maintaining the value of your property calls for constant modernisation of your rented spaces to live up to the ever-increasing requirements of tenants, reduce energy consumption and establish a better, healthy environment for the people who live and work within them.


    And to plan these interior designs, we have a variety of tricks up our sleeves from spatial illustration techniques right through to visualisation films. Our solutions are both cost-effective and pioneering, not to mention environ-mentally friendly, and are even kitted out with the latest energy-saving technologies by our technical-building-equipment teams. For you, this equates to a whole host of benefits in the long term.


    „If you stop getting better, you stop being good.“ (Philip Rosenthal)


    Professional renovation of old buildings: it’s more than just a hobby

    The beauty of our towns and cities is characterised by the charm of classical buildings that are simply oozing with tradition. Both the external appearance and the interiors of these old homes have to be maintained with great care, not to mention, of course, extensive experience.


    Whether you’re dehumidifying cellars, upgrading water, electrical and heating systems, maintaining thermal insula-tion, replacing windows or repairing the render: ifb GmbH is your professional partner when it comes to planning extensive renovation projects or just a few tweaks – even on listed buildings.


    So if you’re looking to create attractive residential buildings with real historic flair at virtually no extra cost, you’ve come to the right place.