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Training offensive: Technical support again from India


Interview with architecture student Ravneet Kaur Grewal from CHANDIGARH


Once again an architecture student from India gave a guest performance for 6 months in our engineering office and enriched our projects with her wonderful drawings and visualizations. Ravneet Kaur Grewal studies architecture at the University of CHANDIGARH. She is currently in her 8th semester of 10 semesters, which she expects to graduate with a very good Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.). The internship from January to June was an essential part of her academic curriculum. We asked her about her wishes for her time here in Germany and her goals for her work at ifb - CONSULTING ENGINEERS & ARCHITECTS.


How did you want to work in an architecture and engineering office? What fascinates you about the profession?

Working in company with both architects and engineers is beneficial, because it will give me wider knowledge about the construction as well as designing of the buildings. I think learning both concepts of architecture and engineering are important to create a good environment for people to live in. Working with IFB consulting engineers and architects gave me a lot of knowledge and experience about the buildings, starting from the initial stages to the final execution.

My fascination about architecture is, how architecture can trigger the human emotions. Emotions in architecture can be linked to how well an architecture exudes a sense of place. I really like designing keeping in mind the emotions of the occupants.


How did you decide to apply for IFB? How did you find IFB?

Half year ago, when I was looking for a suitable company for my internship through internet, I came to know about IFB consulting engineers and architects. Then I visited the website and saw many wonderful projects. The concept of working together with engineers and architects is very favorable for me as a student to learn more, so I decided to apply for IFB.


What do you wish for the internship at IFB?

All my wishes about the internship are already fulfilled at IFB. I learned a lot, IFB gave me a wider idea, it opens my mind to more creativity. I wish to grow my education and professional conduct.


What tasks do you take at IFB?

I have done various tasks like concepts development, designing, planning, preparing presentation drawings and visualizations and site visit as well.


Which project have you already worked on?

I have worked on many commercial, institutional, residential and interior projects, namely Jaeger office building, Olearius family house, Began Polen office building and many more.


What is your professional goal: what will your career still look like? What are you planning?

First, I want to get higher education in field of architecture and construction and then I want to be an architect who can design for benefits of human society and natural environment.


What difference do you see between engineering in your home country and here in Germany? What are the similarities?

I would say the overall process of construction and planning the quite similar. But there are many differences between the construction details and construction techniques. The construction types are ruled by the climatic conditions and India and Germany experience very different climates; hence the constructions typologies are different. But the material are almost similar except the insulations.


Some thoughts about your family: Do you have siblings? What do your parents do?

My mother is a private employee and I have younger brother. He is 17 years old and pursuing his high school education.


Thank you very much for the interview and good luck for the graduation, dear Ravneet.



28. Juni 2019                      Harriet Oerkwitz for ifb GmbH                     Print blog post

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