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New impulses from India:





For half a year - from July to December 2018 - we have a new team member in our office: Ananya Talwar. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) at Chandigarh College of Architecture, Chandigarh (India). These six months of internship are an essential part of their academic curriculum. We asked her what wishes she has of her time here in Germany and what goals she has set herself for her work at IFB.


How did you want to work in an architecture and engineering office?

What fascinates you about this profession?

An office with both the departments (architecture and engineering) would offer me deeper clarity of how architectural concepts and designs are executed on site. With this understanding, I would have better tools to design. As a student I found this necessary to learn.

Architecture has my heart. Since I am an over thinker, I like to believe that archi-tecture gives inanimate material objects a purpose and feelings. A brick is lifeless,

till it is a house; then it is a feeling, and a lot more meaningful. People live and love for houses, not bricks. This superpower fascinates me the most about the profes-sion, to make spaces that people can attach their feelings to.


How did you decide to apply for IFB? How did you find IFB?

I was looking for a suitable office for my internship. So I found IFB on the internet and visited their website. They had a variety of projects and were working with international clients, and even had a vacancy for an intern. I am lucky to have been selected.


What do you wish for the internship at IFB?

It is surely going to be an enriching experience, keeping in mind everything the cul-tural differences can teach us. I wish to learn as much as I can in the profession, while trying to cause the minimum inconveniences to others (the language barrier

is real sometimes) :-D

Also I feel that stepping out of my comfort zone will make me a better person. But mostly it will be professional and educational growth and I cannot be more grateful.


What tasks do you take at IFB?

Currently I assist in designing and presentation drawings.


Which projects have you already worked on?

I have worked on an office project for global casting silos and assisted in the presen-tation drawings for a renovation for an institute.


What is your professional goal: what will your career still look like?

What are you planning?

I think I’m a little young and very inexperienced to have a firm professional goal:

how much do I even know the profession yet? But yes, I strive to make meaningful architecture, maybe something that reminds us of our place in the ecosystem.

Spaces connect and harmonize the users with themselves and the nature.  I also

have a keen interest in subterranean architecture, museums and other conceptual designing. But right now let’s focus on how I can make the best out of college life.


What differences do you see between engineering in your home country and here

in Germany? What are the similarities?

There is honestly not much of a difference. There are different names for it, but the working style is similar. The construction techniques are slightly different, probably because of the climate. Here we do brick double walls with lots of insulation. In In-dia also we construct in brick and RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) but not with such intense insulation.

One difference which I must quote is that here I see modular construction, that

is that windows are all similar and the material of construction is usually steel and brick. In India we are currently experimenting with lots of materials, like aerated concrete blocks, adobe or stabilized earth construction etc. The brick and steel construction is similar, but the on-site working, management and machinery are dif-ferent here. Other differences in engineering techniques maybe due to the develop-mental differences between countries like Germany and India.


Some thoughts about your family: Do you have siblings? What do your parents do?

Well, my father is a self-practicing architect in Chandigarh, and my mother is a tea-cher is school. I have a younger brother who is still studying.


Thank you for the interview and all the best for your internship.


28. August 2018                       Harriet Oerkwitz for ifb GmbH                      print article

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