Using the latest expertise, the defined budget and the available time frame, we are armed with everything we need to come up with the perfect solution for your construction project.


It is with this attitude that we can support you through the diverse technical and functional requirements

of your property. From building maintenance, restoration and renovation right through to conversion:

the experience we have built up over the years – particularly in special constructions requiring innovative materials and techniques – is what gives us a real edge over the competition in today’s market.




    Static structural analyses by our specialist personnel: that’s what it all comes down to!


    A building’s support structure is a little like a human skeleton, with various forces acting on it from top to bottom

    that all have to be transferred safely. After all, static means all forces are in equilibrium.


    If you’re looking for structural engineering, then get set to take advantage of the principles we live by:


    » Usability: it’s not about whether it holds, but whether the structure still serves its purpose once it has been

       completely deformed.

    » Cost-efficiency: we work it all out so it pays off for you.

    » Feasibility: everything we plan can be put into action.

    » Appropriate material selection: everything we use fits the purpose of your building.

    » Architectural requirements: we work intensively across a number of disciplines together with our – and your –


    » Aesthetic element: we find the beauty in functionality.

    » Comprehensive approach: we consider every project on a three-dimensional, spatial level and come up with

       innovative solutions to static-related issues.

    » Clear, detailed solutions: we go beyond providing computer printouts to sketch your solutions for you in detail.


    Your proof of energy-saving insulation from ifb GmbH

    Energy is expensive, and generating it is an intricate, complex and high-maintenance process. For this reason, your building should come complete with a suitable energy supply right from the outset, with energy consumption re-duced to the best possible extent. In Germany, this approach is required by law in the form of the energy savings regulation – or EnEV for short  [].


    For over three decades, ifb GmbH has been issuing the energy certificates required for every building along with recommendations for energy-efficient construction techniques. Taking energy-efficiency measures into consider-ation – even in the near future – is all part of the package of service we provide, guaranteeing efficiency, value retention and the best possible conditions for your property to be used by third parties going forward.


    Structural soundproofing and noise protection evaluations in Hamburg


    The rising demand for building plots in urban areas is resulting in buildings increasingly popping up in locations that were previously avoided, resulting in a real surge in noise pollution caused by traffic. Noise barriers, road covers, electric cars and quieter jet engines alone are not enough to guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep and studies have shown that constant noise pollution has serious health implications.


    With this in mind, your properties can only maintain their value and continue to deliver returns if they meet the increased requirements for noise protection. This also includes sound insulation between apartments and other usable spaces within the buildings themselves, which also calls for thorough consideration and appropriate solu-tions. For many years now, ifb GmbH has provided sophisticated noise protection evaluations and taken these

    into consideration when planning your building projects with structural measures such as noise control cladding, cabins, gates and partition walls, as well as various accessories for windows and doors.


    Fire protection: reports and structural planning for your property

    Preventing dangers in your property is one of the most important tasks to consider right from the planning phaseof your project and one of the most serious of these dangers is posed by fire or smoke. If commercial properties such

    as production facilities or warehouses suffer this kind of destruction, they can lose their market value for years. And if you don’t have temporary replacement spaces or facilities available to tide you over, your competitors will swoop right in and take over the market.


    The situation is even worse for the people at the top if it comes out that the fire was caused by negligence. This is why German legislation now has fire protection regulations in place to stipulate the structural and technical mea-sures to be taken as early as the planning of your building. In conjunction with your building insurance company, lo- cal fire safety officers and local fire departments, ifb GmbH issues fire protection reports to minimise potential fire risks. This means you can be rest ssured of maintaining your operating licence, whatever happens.


    Making precise and accurate adjustments when things aren’t quite right

    It goes without saying that ifb GmbH takes the highest measurements you can expect. However when it comes to finding the cause of seemingly inexplicable subsidence, the precision of traditional dimensions (down to the tenths and even hundredths of a millimetre) combined with an invariable time sequence is simply irreplaceable. ifb GmbH has the appropriate specialists on its team for handling this kind of task, not to mention the necessary high-precision levelling instruments required to carry out investigations such as these.


    Structural site planning and static structural analyses of radio stations


    Do you use a mobile phone? We’re willing to bet you do, which means you’re already using a transmitter station or telecommunications system built by us.


    Since it first came onto the market, ifb GmbH has been handling the structural site planning and static structural ana-lyses of radio stations for a whole host of different network operators – from the island of Sylt off the north coast of Germany right down to the Bavarian Forest. ifb GmbH can also be the professional, experienced planning office

    you’re looking for.


    Renovating energy systems: what’s the best thing to do?


    Has your building seen better days? Does it no longer meet the increased requirements of the current German energy savings regulation – or EnEV for short []?


    ifb GmbH has the professional expertise and many years of experience required to handle upgrades and energy-rela-ted renovations in your buildings. We develop innovative solutions and various measures to effectively minimise energy consumption in your building, such as improving the thermal protection in the outer shell, reducing the ther-mal load caused by solar radiation, increasing heating and cooling efficiency by replacing the effective plant techno-logy, using sensor control for lighting and heating and much more.


    This all combines to ensure your operating costs don’t spiral out of control whilst also keeping your tenants happy in their homes – a wise investment in your future.


    Independent energy consulting on new commercial and private properties

    When it comes to the compulsory energy consultations required for new constructions, ifb GmbH trains its own employees in-house so that they can present you with a range of options as early as the planning phase of your project – from complying with to seeking out subsidies.