A building does not become a functional entity until it is kitted out with technical equipment, such as heating, cooling, a water supply and drainage, lighting, communication systems, conveying technology, lightning protection, solar energy or photovoltaics.


So, to make sure your constructions do not go without essentials such as these, the engineers at ifb GmbH are specially trained in technical building equipment. However we don’t simply operate on an ‘anything

goes’ principle; we plan your equipment appropriately so that it meets your requirements whilst also

being scalable for the future with efficiency in mind.


We have built up extensive knowledge and expertise in the following areas: air-conditioning systems

for sophisticated facilities, minimisation of CO2 emissions, sustainable energy sources, water and waste water, rainwater retention, innovative lighting technology and sensors, compressors and air compressors, filter systems, information technology (IT), locking systems, remote surveillance, and rescue and escape-route planning.


The end result for you is a building that complies with the fundamental principles of sustainability and environmental compatibility in line with our commitments as a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB e.V.) [www.dgnb.de]


    A clean indoor climate supplied by ventilation systems: not just for those with allergies or asthma

    Hygienic cleanliness and comfort in both private and commercial spaces help to keep illnesses and unpleasant smells at bay, increase the feeling of well-being amongst employees, reduce the risk of fires caused by fungal deposits and grease, and improve operating costs thanks to the greater efficiency of clean and powerful ventilation systems.


    To allow you to really make the most of these advantages, we ensure that our ventilation technology plans are care-fully coordinated with the heating and cooling plans for your building. At ifb GmbH, we can count on our highly trai-ned specialists with extensive experience in precisely this area. Ventilation systems with heat recovery and pollen fil-ters also increase the economic efficiency and sustainability of your building technology. What’s more, they avoid un-necessary heat losses, prevent damage caused by humidity and even alleviate allergies triggered by dust and pollen, such as hay fever.


    Get the water flowing! Planning modern water supply systems in Hamburg

    Water – we couldn’t live without it. It goes without saying then, that quality drinking water – and plenty of it – is an indispensable part of your household. So when we plan your water supply systems, our primary concern is the ability to guarantee a reliable and adequate flow of clean water from every tap, at any time and in any situation. We also design your point-of-use water heaters and water drainage facilities in line with strict hygienic requirements.


    Put simply, our consultancy service includes your requirements analysis, a water loss analysis if required, and support with funding applications, whilst our planning process for the water supply includes innovative solutions for water collection, preparation, storage, pumping and distribution for both, private and commercial infrastructures alike.


    Heating costs at a glance: consultancy, planning and heating load calculations courtesy of ifb GmbH

    With all of our consultations and plans for heating and heating load calculations, our number one priority is making sure that you always feel happy and comfortable in your own home. Creating a healthy indoor climate with opti-mum energy consumption is always a new and individual task for every single house. We address this with a range of innovative solutions and ideas. Underfloor heating, wall heating, overhead heating, panel heating, intelligent SmartHome technology: we design the perfect heat-generation system to suit your home in line with the German renewable-energies heat act (EEWärmeG) and the premises of renewable energy (EnEV).


    For our clients in the field of industry and commerce, we have been implementing heating systems for over twen-

    ty years that incorporate regenerative energies and even generate a profit by feeding back into the national grid.


    Solar technology: when and where is it most effective?

    Renewable energies make up a crucial component of today’s sustainable energy concepts. Rising energy costs and climate protection ordinances have to be taken into consideration and we all have to work at minimising our depen-dence on fossil fuels.


    At least for Germany photovoltaic systems have become indispensable in this regard as part of an economic energy mix. Planning and implementing this type of system to maximum effect requires extensive specialist knowledge. In addition to the technical challenges, the local climatic conditions and existing building materials, for example, have also to be taken into consideration.


    We design the ideal energy solution to suit your needs, which offers the greatest cost savings in the long term, gua-rantees maximum independence and is perfectly tailored to your own individual requirements. With over 30 years

    of experience in planning sophisticated projects and energy systems, we offer you a wealth of experience that looks far beyond individual components.


    Your very own boiler system:

    greater independence, maximum availability, minimum risk in terms of energy supply


    Your buildings, industrial plants and commercial facilities all need energy. For this reason, ensuring you have access to it is a crucial consideration when we plan projects. How much energy is required? How is it created? Where will it come from? In many cases, the decision comes down to building your own boiler system and using regenerative or existing primary energy sources.

    Cost-effective operation and a high degree of independence are just two of the reasons that make this logical, effi-cient solution so appealing. Our experience in planning and implementing complex energy systems spans over thirty years.


    Sustainable and economic solutions: planning and advice for electrical engineering


    Our complex building plans are complemented by independent electrical planning engineers. We can call upon a relia-ble support network for consultations, planning and monitoring in the field of electrical engineering from the project development stage right through to implementation.


    Filter systems with heat recovery: incorporated right from the structural planning phase

    Virtually all production processes have one thing in common: they generate waste by-products in the form of material residues, chips, dust and gases. Whilst these waste materials are often valuable, they still have to be constantly dis-posed of.


    By-products such as these are often extracted with the help of air through filter systems, which separate these vast quantities of air from the residual materials. One of the disadvantages of this type of transport system, however, re-lates to heat and should not be underestimated: this process also extracts warm ambient air, which was expensive to heat in the first place.


    This situation calls for filter systems with heat recovery to prevent wasting energy in this way. As a professional indu-stry partner for over 38 years, we are experts in our field and understand exactly what matters. Even when we are planning the structural engineering, we are already thinking about the possibility of installing filters or energy reco-very systems in roof constructions at a later stage. As a result, we can rule out the necessity for disruptive and expen-sive steel structures further down the line.